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The Information Found Here Is Buried on the web. but many of us do not have the Time & Energy To dig it out or to formulate a treatment protocol if you do find it. So What We Have Done, Is To Consolidate All That Information For You Into & Legitimate Cancer Defeating Protocol That Is Ready To Be Implemented…Right!

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You Will Benefit Greatly If You Use This Before, During, or After Mainstream Treatments! It doesn’t matter if you were just diagnosed or if your cancer has metastasized. And it works really well no matter where in the world you live.

Is your cancer treatment effective enough to save your life?

Conventional cancer treatments – while they are often effective – are like carpet bombs. Many attack without discrimination, killing cancer cells and healthy, vital tissue. They sap the strength from your body, leaving you sick and struggling to heal.
Keeping Cancer at Bay details a treatment protocol that makes your conventional treatments more deadly against cancer while helping your body heal. And if you’re not on conventional treatments – this protocol is powerful enough to be used alone.
You CAN kill cancer without killing yourself. Add healing holistics to your treatment plan and make your body strong enough to fight
● No poisonous chemicals
● No invasive procedures
● No burning radiation
● No huge medical bills

The protocol is easy…

Keeping Cancer at Bay is written in layman’s English, easy for the average person to understand and follow. The instructions are clear and simple and don’t require a large investment of time or money. Use it anywhere in the world as many times as you need.

It’s natural…

Mainstream medical science works, but you need more to beat cancer. Keeping Cancer at Bay details methodologies that work with your body and your treatments to naturally starve and weaken cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to conventional therapies

And it’s fast and works very quickly.

Ideally, we’d have a cure for cancer. For now, you can give yourself a real chance with this protocol. Time is of the essence. It’s not enough for your treatments to work – they need to work quickly. This protocol works in as little as 30 days with or without mainstream treatments.

Backed by Oncologists & Decades of Published Clinical Studies

Karen Vieira, MD, Ph.D
“Here is what Dr. Vieira had to say after she completed her comprehensive analytical review of the protocol! Excellent, excellent, excellent!

When Mary Joe contacted me to validate her research I was very skeptical. I looked
at the studies she had found and thought “this is not enough to support using this
protocol as a cancer treatment and as a scientist, I cannot possibly recommend this!
However, when I really got into the research and saw how many studies had been
done and some of the miraculous results, I was definitely convinced that she was
onto something. I fully stand behind the science and am confident that it works to
kill cancer.”

Karen Vieira, Ph.D
Biomedical Sciences


What will you learn?

Cancer development and treatment basics
Why cancer spreads & how to slow it down
What chemo and radiation do to your body

Common alternative treatments
The rigorous science behind our approach
Why ATP is critical to your success
The detailed step-by-step treatment protocol
4 key strategies you can start today
 A simple diet to starve cancer cells
Helpful sugars that target cancer cells
The Complete Jimmy Joyce Cancer Treatment Protocol
And much more!

this worked so well for me, my spirits are high & I am feeling the best that I’ve felt in years. I will repeat the protocol again if necessary. Thanks, thanks, thanks because I now have real hope again!

Violet Pence

Dallas, TX

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There’s no financial incentive to heal you.

We’re not here to push conspiracy theories – your doctor is doing their best for you – but we understand the frightening reality that controlling entities in the healthcare industry benefit from you being alive – and sick.
Be proactive and aggressive in taking your health and your life back. Let’s survive together and Keep Cancer at Bay long enough to die of something else instead!
No, it’s not a cure. It’s a real holistic medical protocol that works with or without conventional treatments. It will help keep your body strong and healthy while actively starving and killing cancer cells.
This ebook won’t stop you from dying, but it might stop you from dying of cancer.

Start winning your battle with cancer right now.

Conventional treatments typically extend life by two to eight months – if you’re lucky. Adding this protocol to your treatment can double or even triple that time. Even more in many cases. Keeping Cancer at Bay makes your conventional treatments more powerful and effective.
Don’t pass up this knowledge only to regret it when it’s too late. Take control, stop feeling sick, and give yourself the chance to outlive your cancer

The eBook will be available to download immediately after payment is submitted.

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